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4 Tips! How to Learn English Language Well

Hi! MyShorTTips here.


Are you visitor from My Youtube Channel? Ok, I will tell you something. This is International Site of RahmanCyber NET.





How to Learn English well


I'm learning English here, I Try to Write some articles here with Grammar. So Many people tell me, How to Learn English well is Try to Write and Speak English. So, My Skill Increase from doing 2 Habits ( Speaking on My Youtube Channel "MyShorTTips" and Writing in this especially Blog.
This is My Tips to make you Easy Learn the English Language. 




1. Reading your Favorit Blog or Book on English ( Not Translate )

Sometimes, there is some inaccurate grammar when you are using Translation Tool, but, If you just want to know about it, it's fine.
If you want to increase your writing skill, you must read first.
You can look for best seller book in the English language, cause. The book has a lot of checking about grammar.
Then, try to read them.


2. Writing Now!


Don't wait until the last page! yeah.. you just need some page, if you want to do it.
Your target is... "Copy Language!" yeah...
Cause, Book have so many pages.. maybe 1984 page or above!
You need more writing when you finish read some little pages!
Write what you like to write it makes you Easy to WRITE.

You can start to write a blog maybe...

3. Watching and Listening to People Talk English!


Before you try to speak, try to watch a film, talk show, or anything that using NATIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
it's very simple to make a habit!
You can search this on Youtube, maybe "HOW TO" video or Workshop...
I tell you... don't spend your time more a lot and scroll the youtube channel first video!

You just need a little bit, maybe one video.. and learn from it...

You can try to learn TED TALK, these people in this show preparing to talk about! so this best place may be to learn English well.. :)

4. Speaking!

After you watching and listening to people talk about it, you just need action!
Make this a Habit!
after you watching TED TALK maybe, or a Similar video.. you need action to speak English well.

You can be doing to speak with yourself in the mirror :D
You can speak with your friend, your family...

and You also try to make Youtube Video, just talking in the English language.
but You need Your Favorite Topic.

Don't make a video out of your favorite topic, cause this can be the worst time.
Maybe you will be lazy.

Ok! Enafe, that is my tips, how to learn the English language well...
So, you need to add some vocabulary, like "what is it" about things around you.
and you also need to explore this.
Tips on this page just help you to be friends with the English language.. but you need to improve with an English learning book or grammar book.. so...
Your skill will increase.



If you want to Improve your writing skill, you can using Grammarly like me.

I used this tool for making this Article.

So, Why you not register for free? Here we go!

I hope these tips will be useful for you... ^_^

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